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Dakota Limits is operated on the property that has been in our family for over a hundred years.  The farm raises mainly wheat, corn, milo, and hay crops.  We also have cattle, horses, dogs, and cats.  We are blessed to be able to live in the spacious prairie in the midwest and we would love to share the beauty with you.  We have been hunting for years and have great habitat for pheasant.  Tim stays quite busy with the day to day activities of the farm, but he must need more to do because he also hauls cattle commercially.  Lori stays busy trying to keep track of everything and everyone.  We have four very active kids who never slow down!

About Us


We provide experienced, professional guides to ensure an enjoyable hunt.  Tim has been hunting for years, and our little man, James, comes whenever he can and is really turning into a great guide.    Lori also guides, but she is usually behind the camera!

Century Farm

Working Farm and Ranch

Over 110 years of Operating

2018 793.JPG


Beautiful points is what we expect from this young pup and he doesn't disappoint.  He has a great nose and he loves to hunt.


He has only hunted a couple of seasons but has been a great addition to our hunting program.

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