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We hunted Nemec Ranch in December - the temperature never got above 20*.  

I thought for sure we wouldn’t see a thing - but we had some of the biggest flushes I’ve ever seen! 

We hunted the frozen ponds and cattails and had pheasants flying everywhere! 

Got my first double! Incredible place to go 

I’m definitely heading back out!


Columbus, Indiana

I've hunted for SD pheasants many ways over the years.  I've tried hunting public land, leasing land and high priced lodges but the Nemec Ranch is by far the best.  No where else can you have an "ala carte" menu of options at such an affordable price.  Should you choose the lodging or the home cooked meals you won't be disappointed.  We hunted with a guide our first year and ever since have been on our own.  There is nothing quite as rewarding as using your own dogs to find 100 plus bird flushes.  Dakota Limits is certainly one of the best kept secrets in SD pheasant hunting.  


Lititz, PA

As a first time pheasant hunter I was a bit concerned about how my South Dakota experience would turn out. What a great time! The land, the birds and most of all the friendships made were over the top. I certainly plan on returning next year and for years to come.   Thanks to Cash as well for being a great retriever and friend. Just do it. Make the trip. You will be rewarded many times over.  


Lancaster, PA

The hospitality and opportunities at Nemec Ranch are second to none.  Thanks for the memories.  Looking forward to making more in the years to come.


Lavelle, PA

Just fly over South Dakota and you'll dismiss it as flat and treeless.  Take your shotgun for a walk here through a Milo field in the warm, dry air with good friends and hunting dogs all the while scanning the landscape over ever rise and down every drainage for raptors, mule deer and antelope. Now, add in multiple rooster flushes.  When the adrenaline fades, you'll realize you've found paradise for your soul and bombarded work mind.  On the trip home, you'll be planning how to get back next year.


Darrin S

Carlisle PA

Birds, birds,birds! Great setting with varied areas to hunt. Scenic views and peace and quiet all mixed together. No trouble limiting out( even with a 20ga). Will return! 


Lancaster, PA

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